Experience Exceptional Growth with Our Strategic Vision

Relation , Principles & Committee

We at Nitai world believe that our valuable investors are the most important for us so we maintains 100% transparent relations with our valuable investors and
we follow the set of principle to be straight forward and honest with the investors followed by a investor committee to maintain and strengthen the relations with our investors.

We celebrate investor day on 05 June every year with the families of our valuable investors.

We united every year in our Annual General Meeting held in 30 April every year.

Investor & Share Holder Info

The Company recognizes th e importance of its Shareholders’ privacy and will not disclose Shareholders’ information without consent, unless required by law.

We are transparent in all our dealings and we have all info of our investors sectors wise.

Financial Growth


The Foundation Year

01 Firm , 01 NGO , 02 Schools , 05 Coaching,01 Diploma Course


Revenue & Investment


Before Coved 19

06 Firm , 07 NGOs , 43 Schools, 40 Skill development center, 07 Diploma and college courses, 01 Company , News Webportal, Yoga Centers



Hardest Time Of Earth

05 Firm , 65 Schools , 85 Skill development centre , 20 diploma courses , News paper , News portal , Yoga centers -20 , Health centers -10, 05Companies, Nitai Bazar , Nitai Trading , Nitai Real estate project -05,



After Covid-19

Update Soon


After Covid-19

Tax Strategy and Policy

We follow the state , central and international tax policy and we have the excellent team to make our tax strategy and policies.

For Grievance Management we have policies and management.

Tax planning is part of our overall strategy and business decision making process, which aims to maximise sustainable shareholder value, based on commercial business activity. The business seeks to use applicable tax concessions and reliefs in line with the spirit of the legislation and will not implement or utilise tax avoidance strategies or seek to exploit ambiguity.