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Tourism and hospitality sector

Our aim is to provide best services in hospitality, tours & travel for the future generations

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Energy and power sector

Our aim is to provide positive energy and power alternatives to the future generations.

Automobiles, electrical & electronics

Our aim is to provide best quality of automobile , electrical and electronic product and services to the future generations

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Mines, Defense & Space Technology

Our aim is to provide best quality of mines , defence and space technology related product and service to help the future generations.

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The world Nitai has a big history. It is a eternal blissful word. The word Ni means attract natures positive energy and Tai means to empower yourself. There are many more ancient, historical , scientific , natural and spiritual meaning of Nitai.

We started Nitai world in January 2016 with having nothing in hands by taking a loan of 50,000 through a friend and then on 05 June 2018 we got trade mark for Nitai Group and by the mercy of NITAI we are getting very good response in all sectors and now our aim is to become a fastest growing social spiritual helping business platform with trillion dollar economy.