Innovation and R&D

Nitai world is dedicated for the overall development of the world by providing equal and best opportunity to all through our sector wise franchise model of our business.


  • Innovation is a key to success and way of life we at Nitai world believe that continuous comprehensive evolution through innovation is needed in the life of the people of the world. We have extraordinary and unique innovation in all our sectors and in all our organization to provide best for the people of the world.
  • Nitai Innovation Council 
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Research and Development

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  • Research and development is the most important part for the growth of any organization. We at Nitai world have an extra ordinary team to do very big , global and beyond the box research and development for the growth of the group.
  • Our team at Nitai world focus on developing main aspect all sectors and business by developing SOP , Process , Management , Strategy , CSR and research on latest social issue with the collaboration with many research institute and universities.