About Us

our community work for betterment of mankind in all sector like agriculture education science and technology and advertisement and retail and textile .

About Us

Nitai World is an ISO 9000-2015 certified conglomerate of different organization such as Nitai Group, Companies , Partnership firms , mega marts and bazaar , processing units , townships , studios , Marriage garden , etc. It is a  Social, Spiritual and Helping Business platform for the development of whole world working in different sectors such as education , agriculture, Health , technology, Entertainment,  advertisement , textile, Finance and insurance , Retail and textile , Real estate , Hospitality and tours and travels , Automobiles , Electricals , Electronics , Mines , Defense and Space technology  etc to serve the humanity..

Our Vision and mission

  • Our vision is to serve all the living entity of the world as one family.
  • Our mission is to create social spiritual and helping business platform for the people of the world for the development of humanity.


Values ,principles and culture

12 Values  – Nitai Service , Truth , Mercy , Austerity , Cleanliness , Integrity , Responsibility , Excellence , Unity , Respect ,Servant Leadership , Hope


12 Principles – Think Global , Always remember Nitai , Remain Enthusiastic , Be confident of success , Be straight forward , Have patience , Be Positive , Accept favourable , Reject un favourable ,  Love Nitai by all your means , Be focused , Be efficient.


12 Culture – Serve each other , Customer is the king , Empower eternally , Innovation , Networking , Marketing Culture , safety , Leadership Excellence , Shared and dynamic , Unity in Diversity , Learning and giving , Freedom for all 


founder chairman

Amol Patel is an international philanthropist, spiritualist, Educationist, agriculturist, technologist, motivational speaker, writer, researcher, businessman, investor and a serial entrepreneur. He is the Founder Chairman and Managing Direct1or of NITAI Group and NITAI World which is a group of many organizations working in different sectors. His vision is to serve all the living entity of the world through Nitaai Kripa and to empower the youth by giving them direction to serve the world. 


Anmol patel

founder of Nitai world

about founder chairman

Amol Patel (DIN -) is born in a very poor family in a very small village in Umari Damoh MP. He did his schooling from a very simple Hindi Medium school but he has been a topper since his schooling and he secured 65 state level rank in MP-PET. He is an Engineer and  M.Tech. in Digital communication from DAVV University Indore. He has also done many other certified course from different IITs , IIMs and other international universities through online and offline mode. He has worked in different MNCs , colleges , schools , institutes and international NGOs since his college life and also qualified many government jobs also but his main purpose is to serve the people of the world by becoming a social spiritual entrepreneur. So in order to do that he left his job in 2016 and founded the Nitai Group and Nitai World .

Mr. anmol patel contributions in various fields
  • Chairman Nitai Group of Schools.
  • Chairman SGCS Society and other NGOs
  • President Nitai Halchal India Limited
  • National Head – Sainik Seva Council 
  • Member of editorial board in different international journals
  • Chairman – Nitai world education council
  • International Yoga/ Spirituality Trainer  in different organizations
  • Secretary in  different organizations
  • Mentor and guide in different rural , national and international startups 
Great Achievements
  • Youth ICON Award
  • Entrepreneur Award
  • Educationist Award
  • Social Servant Award
  • Ambassadors for National Education Policy
  • International Journals Award
  • Award by Chhartra Kranti Dal
  • Award By Rudras IAS
  • Award by Woman Lioness Club
  • Best Teacher Award in Schools and Colleges Teaching
  • Best Student Awards during schools and college study

“Think global , beyond the box and out of the boundary – to serve the needy and to create a social spiritual helping business platform for the people of the world.”

Amol patel


The world Nitai has a big history. It is a eternal blissful word. The word Ni means attract natures positive energy and Tai means to empower yourself. There are many more ancient, historical , scientific , natural and spiritual meaning of Nitai.

We started Nitai world in January 2016 with having nothing in hands by taking a loan of 50,000 through a friend and then on 05 June 2018 we got trade mark for Nitai Group and by the mercy of NITAI we are getting very good response in all sectors and now our aim is to become a fastest growing social spiritual helping business platform with trillion dollar economy.




Our governance

We at nitai world believe that to become a very long term group we need to have very great governance to lead the world with sustainable very  long term  vision for coming 10,000 years. Our main Patron , Owner , Thought giver and supporter are Shri Shri Guru Parampara and supreme lord shri shri Gaur Nitai. Our main inspiration and motivation is given by Nitai Chandra Das [B.Tech. – M.Tech. – IITB & MS Nanotechnology – USA] and main blessings giver are Chandrabhan-Surajrani Patel [ Father and Mother of the founder]

our Governing body members
  • Amol Patel – Founder Chairman & Managing Director
  • Kalpana Patel – Co – Founder and Vice Chairman 
  • Dr. Rajesh Patel – Co- Founder & CEO Nitai World
  • Dr. Gopal Patel – Co – Founder and MD Nitai Pharma
  • Umar Khaiyyam – Co Founder and CEO Nitai Group 
  • Prahlad Patel – Co – Founder & Secretary Nitai Group 
  • Shailendra Rai – Co – Founder and CMO Nitai World
  • Ramashankar Sharma – Co – Founder and Manager Nitai World 
  • Arjya Das – Co – Founder  and CEO Nitai Organics
  • Veersingh Patel – Founder Member & Director Nitai Schools
  • Vinay Chawla – Founder Member and COO – Nitai World
  • Naveen Chawla – Founder Member & Chairman DPS Kshetreey Grameen Nidhi Limited
  • Shreekant – Founder Member & Director Nitai Organics 
  • Jaya Laxmi – Founder Member & Director Nitai Organics
  • Anand Krishna Jai Kumar – Director Nitai Organics
  • Tarachand Belji – Director Nitai Organics
  • Pradeep Raj Gupta – Director Nitai Organics
  • Shrirang Mohan Kulkarni – Director Nitai Organics
  • Sanjoo Patel – Director Nitai Organics
  • Anandita Mohanti – Director Nitai Organics
  • Shri Purnima – Director Nitai Organics
  • Kapil Sharma – Founder Member & Education Director 
  • Neeraj Bhardwaj – Founder Member & National Director
  • Ashwini Sharma – Founder Member & Promotional Director 

Our partner

We have large numbers of national and international partners , collaboration , affiliations, advisors , supporters , investors , in different sector for different product and services with individuals  , organization , governments , HNIs , Angel networks , Venture capitalists , private equity firms and other financial institutions through different companies , firms and MOUs.